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Jessica Desiree Yoga

Weekly Teaching Schedule:

Om Shala Yoga
​858 10th Street, Arcata, CA 

12-12:55 Aerial Hammock 
(begins March 4)
6:00-7:15pm Vinyasa Flow
6:00-7:15pm Vinyasa Flow
7:30-8:45pm Aerial Hammock (begins March 7)
10:30am-12:00 Vinyasa Flow 

Upcoming Workshops:

Private Sessions available by appointment:
$50 an hour, $90 for 2 hours
contact:  paintedbird2@gmail.com

Inversion Workshop Saturday, August 26th with Jess Trudeau
Ever want to explore more arm balances and inversions in your practice? Join Jess as she breaks down and demystifies these playful poses. You’ll leave with a sense of optimism, empowerment, & elevated possibility. 

Restorative Yoga Saturday, July 29th with Jess Trudeau 
An opportunity to relax and renew your mind, body & spirit in this rejuvenating workshop meant to take you to a deep state of rest with the use of props to guide you towards full body relaxation. 

The Deeper Dimensions of Yoga Saturday, June 24th 2-4:00pm with Jess Trudeau Have you ever been intrigued by the core values behind your yoga practice? Wanted to go deeper into the Philosophy of Yoga in order to incorporate it into your daily life? Join Jess in this educational workshop on the deeper dimensions of yoga paired with an all levels yoga class.

Yoga for Men Saturday, June 17th 2-4:00pm with Skye Heston (my delightful husband!!) 
Join in an all levels, all male yoga class. This class will focus on building strength & flexibility as well as explore the facets that come both naturally and are more challenging specifically for men. 

Art of Yoga Saturday, May 20th 2-4:00pm with Jess Trudeau 
This exciting workshop will explore the creative side of yoga. An innovative sequenced yoga session paired with time to investigate your own artistic side will leave you with a sense of discovery and playfulness in the creative process. No experience required. A variety of mediums will be offered including collage, watercolor, chalk and more! 

Past Offerings: 
Message Jess if you have interest in specific workshops, series, or trainings in the future. paintedbird2@gmail.com
Tosha Yoga
1251 9th Street, Arcata, CA

11:45am-12:45 Vinyasa Flow
5:30-6:50pm Vinyasa Flow 

Vinyasa Flow All Levels 
A playful and fluid vinyasa class based on thoughtful and creative sequencing to get your heart (and blood) pumping with a playlist that'll keep your toes tapping hours later! Infused with mantras on harmonium, hand mudras, breath pranayamas, and insightful intentions. This class will generally create an arc sequence leading toward a peak posture; carefully lending the appropriate paired asanas to safely guide you along your journey. A perfect balance of challenge and play, this class is open to everyone.

Aerial Hammock Yoga
Take your practice into the air! This is a mat-based aerial hammock class that utilizes the silk hammock as a useful prop for support, stabilization, and accentuation of alignment; as well as a guide toward becoming more fluid and supple. Used during an intelligently sequenced flow style class, the hammock is incorporated to build class structure from use in seated positions, transition to standing postures, and finally to independently floating movements that encourage freedom, trust, and surrender. The class is designed to build strength, balance, and stamina while exploring a harmony of ease using the hammock in key pressure point areas to release tension and stress. The hammock is a great and safe way to learn postures, including balancing and inversions, with help of something to hold onto! Experience the rejuvenating benefits of supported inversions to elongate the spine and reverse blood flow, stimulating the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems and, in turn, strengthening the immune system. Each class will end with some anti-gravity restorative postures to treat your body and senses. Enjoy how the use of hammocks can assist you in approaching your practice from an entirely new perspective!
Class Descriptions: